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Patagonian Experiences That You Must Not Miss Out On Your Holiday

Visiting the Penguins What better way to get a glimpse into the marine wildlife of Chilean Patagonia than to head out to the Magellan Strait from Puntas Arenas to see those flightless birds in action. The west coast of Patagonia borders the Pacific Ocean and the seas are rich in penguins and other sea life. …

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Patagonia: Trip Of A Lifetime

Patagonia is indeed a beautiful region located in South America that captivates people with its beauty. The region is intensely stunning that offers green alpine meadows to glacier spots stretching to the farthest your eyes can see. Today, it is one of the ideal spots for many adventurers across the world. Patagonia is known for …

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The Best Hotels to Stay While In Chilean Patagonia

Where you stay while on holiday matters. It could make a world of a difference to your trip. Think of planning every last detail of your journey but neglect the accommodation? Why leave it to chance when a good night’s rest in comfort may be just the thing you need after a long day’s travel, …

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The Best Time To Plan Your Patagonian Holiday

There are many things to look forward to if you are planning to visit Chilean Patagonia this year. It all depends on what you are looking for and what you are planning to do. If you are on the lookout for an adventure sports program (which are plenty here), a penguin boat trip to see …

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The History of Patagonia

There have been signs of human habitation in the area which date back thousands of years. These can be correctly dated through archaeological findings which were excavated from the area and date back to at least the 13th millennium BC. The earliest human activity is the region dates back to 12,500 BC although the glacial …

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Patagonia Wildlife Adventures

Patagonia is one of the renowned regions in South America which has best of wildlife activities. The wildlife is spectacular and diverse which includes several endangered species as well.The wildlife of Patagonia offers several adventurous activities for tourists such as trekking, hiking, boating, kayaking, and more. If you have yet not explored the beauty of …

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What to See On Your Patagonian Holiday

Patagonia is a land of sparsely populated regions which comprises of deserts as well as grasslands, holds a part of the Andes Mountains as well as two coasts bordering the Pacific and the Atlantic. This is the southern end of South America and the two countries of Argentina and Chile share this region. Here are …

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Guide to Patagonia: What to Do, How to Do It, and Where to Stay

So, you have planned your vacation to Patagonia this year! You will definitely need a travel guide because of some confusions that might arise due to some German settlement there or confusing naming conventions of Patagonia or even because owners of ranches are Britain or England natives. Thus, here is a quick guide for your …

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Things To Do In Chilean Patagonia

At the southern part of Andes Mountain, keeping the flow of Colorado and Barrancas at the North, Chilean Patagonia is the paragon of natural beauty of South America. Adventurous trails, mysterious forest, adventure of horse riding, splash of white-water, different looks of mother nature and what is not there! Let’s have a look on the …

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Top Experiences in Southern Patagonia

Patagonia, a blend of mountains, desserts and grassland, lies in South America but is governed by two states; Argentina and Chile. As a matter of fact, Patagonia welcomes a lot tourists from all over the world because of the amazing natural blend of environment in here. If you are planning up your vacations in Patagonia …

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