10 Facts AboutPatagonia

There is a vast land in southernmost corner of South America which has been partially settled since the first arrival of humans that took place many years ago. The region isknown as Patagonia, which is the extreme place that humans walked from their place of origin. There are many facts about Patagonia that is not known to many visitors. Some of the interesting facts have been briefed below.


  1. The land of Patagonia covers a massive 400,000 square miles. it occupies nearly half of the distance of every country, but is home to only 2 million inhabitants.
  2. The word Patagonia was derived from “patagon” which was used for describing the natives of the region in 1520 by Magellan. During that period, Magellan thought the natives to be like some giants, but is now confirmed that these patagones were none other than Tehuelches who appeared to be taller than their counterparts in Europe.

3.There are several parks located in Patagonia, but Torres del Paine is one of the most frequentlyvisited and also the largest parks in Chilean Patagonia. It is also a famousspot for hiking with several marked areas and refugio as it offers shelter and basic services.

4.There are seven famous national parks in Patagonia which are known for its charm and beauty: Torres del Paine in Chile, Laguna San Rafael in Chile, Los Glaciares in Argentina, Nahuel Huapi in Argentina, Alberto de Agostini in Chile, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Bernado O’Higgins in Chile.

5.Patagonia has a weather that is totally unpredictable. The weather forecasts cannot be relied on when you are planning a trip to this destination. However, the best time to visit Patagonia is from October to March.

6.The city offers incredible sight of whales through its Puerto Madryn which is the ideal place to view the best of creatures closely. It is also considered as the area to spot penguins.


7.Ushuaia is the busiest port in the southern part of the city that also serves as an adventurous hub. The tours and cruises to the famous Antarctica mostly depart from this port to explore the 7th continent of the world.

  1. Torres del Paine had caught fire in 2011 that led to destruction of 17,000 hectares of forest which took time to re grow. This huge damage is quite prominent even now. One of the tourists had accidently set fire which led to such a disaster.

9.The Perito Moreno Glacier situated in the southern part of the Los Glaciares Park is indeed the greatest attractions for tourists Argentine Patagonia. With a constantmovementof the glacier, it rises forward for around 2 km daily and is one of the few glaciers in the world that isstill growing.

  1. In the Northwest Patagonia lies the Neuquén Province known for several fossils of dinosaurs. The skeleton of the largest dinosaur known as the Argentinosaurus huinculensis that walked on the planet was discovered close to Plaza Huincul.

Thus, these are the 10 facts about Patagonia which is not known to many.

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