9 Must See Places InChile

The Republic of Chile is nothing less than a wonderful country situated in North America. The country is surrounded by other famous countries and states like Bolivia and Argentina are situated towards North-West and East, respectively. However, the Republic of Chile is also known as the longest country of the world as it is only 180 kilometer wide but the coastline measures upto 4300 kilometers; it is huge for anyone to travel. Therefore, keeping in view its coastline measurement in length, we can say that it is the “longest” country of the world. The country is famous for its wonderful sites and the world “driest” desert as well. You will find wonderful hospitality in the country and safe & healthy environment is enough to let you say a big WAO!

9-Best Places in Chile:

Here are the nine best places in the Chile and you must not miss any of them while on tour to Chile.


1.      The Cerro San Cristobal:

The Cerro San Cristobal is basically a hilly area and famous among the world and local tourists due to the location and its environment that is adventurous. You can see so far away from the hills and especially the 22m high Church constructed at top of the hill and the Virgin Mary’s Statue. The Botanical gardens are also available here.

2.      The Los Pinguinos Natural Monument:

You can see the largest colonies of the Penguins in the Los Pinguino situated towards South of Chile. It is said to be home of more than 120,000 Penguins and a number of rare sea birds who come here in the month of September or October to mate.

3.      The Valparaiso:

It is coastal area and located center of the country. The houses here are colored with bright and shining paints and more than half population is expanded upto the hills bordering the area. The hills are in shape of steeps and easy to walk.

4.      San Rafael Glacier:

It may be the most stunning view for tourists and most spectacular. The glacier give look as it is a boiling water that got freeze. You will be required to reach it through boat only and away from land about 15 kilometers.

5.      The Valle De La Luna:

This valley is situated within the “Atacama Desert” with wonderful natural landscaping; you are going to be shocked for a moment. Best place to photograph your moments. The surface of the place has become white and gives look as it is like the moon. The night view is amazing. However, it is also known as “Valley of the Moon”.


6.      The Torres del Paine:

This area is full with stunning mountains and lakes resulted in melting of glaciers on mountains. The water of lake gives amazing sea-green color. The highest mountain is about 2500 meter above the sea level.

7.      The Southern Hemisphere:

The Chile’s sky is so pure and clear that you have wonderful opportunities to see the starts and many galaxy shining planets during night. Many sky-watchers are investing here and local hotels have installed telescopes on top roof of their buildings.

8.      The Easter Islands:

The Easter Islands may be the best and most attractive place in the Chile. The island is full of many ancient statues, which are mystery and sign for population lived here far back ago.

9.      Lauca National Park:

The amazing Lauca National Park is situated North of the country and have wonderful range of animals including dears. However, the area has another wonderful thing like the “Twin Brothers” Volcano Mountains topped with ice.

Chile is my home country. I was born and brought up in the larger town of Santiago in a very charming village called Los Dominicos handicraft Village. It is one of the best towns in the rest of Chile, and I am proud to have been born here. You think that Chile is just another South American