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Chile is my home country. I was born and brought up in the larger town of Santiago in a very charming village called Los Dominicos handicraft Village. It is one of the best towns in the rest of Chile, and I am proud to have been born here. You think that Chile is just another South American country just there to fill the world map? You are in for a rude shock. Spare a few days off your busy schedule and visit this country that is touted as a famous tourist destination.

There are a thousand and one things to do once one gets in Chile. I have been in this country for the past close to four decades, and I have been an advocator of tourists visiting Chile since it has very enticing sites for all to see.


I have no reservations whatsoever that this country has captivating sites for everyone to see. Living and exploring Santiago has regularly exposed new things to do once here. Since the city has a Mediterranean climate and close to rain in between October and May, there is a possibility that one can enjoy every scene that is available to see. I have had the perfect opportunity of seeing Santiago from above since is surrounded by hills and mountains. Such a view as the top of Cerro hill gave me a rare opportunity to view the town with the massive Andes Mountains at the background. I have enjoyed horse riding, riding a bike, or hiking and this offered the chance to view other locals from Bellavista. I have also had the chance of viewing one of the most beautiful sunsets in Santiago called Baquedano.

It has been fun visiting another great viewpoint called Cerro Santa Lucia which is located right at the heart of Santiago. Climbing the hill takes an average of 18 minutes, and it provides a panoramic view at 360° of the city. Another great city that I have had the chance of viewing is Plaza de Armas. Being the former city center of Santiago, this city draws a wide range of tourists from all walks of life. I was admitted for free into the Cathedral Metropolitan de Santiago, and I was allowed to take as many photos as I wanted. In Palacio de la Real Audiencia de Santiago, I got to visit the famous museum, MuseoHistorico Nacional that houses Chilean history. In summary, it is not a waste of time and resources to visit Chile. Take your time and visit this great country.

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