Guide to Patagonia: What to Do, How to Do It, and Where to Stay

So, you have planned your vacation to Patagonia this year! You will definitely need a travel guide because of some confusions that might arise due to some German settlement there or confusing naming conventions of Patagonia or even because owners of ranches are Britain or England natives. Thus, here is a quick guide for your memorable upcoming tour;

What to Do and How to Do It

Well, there are few things that you out to do while in Patagonia;


  1. Visit the glacier, Perito Moreno Glacier which is one of the most amazing glacier of the continent.
  2. Walk with the penguins, play with them; no matter in whatever state of Patagonia you are. Penguins could be found in both of them.
  3. Gaze the longest breed of whales; southern right whale and blue whales. They can be witnessed from the shorelines.
  4. Stay at ranch and enjoy the variety of amenities and activities including horse riding to your fullest because they can guarantee an extremely luxurious vacations experience.
  5. Visit the National Parks in either of the state because they offer some beautiful natural sights that are worth million dollars if you are a nature lover.
  6. Discover the ancient skeletons of Dinosaurs in the museum and you must not forget to discover the 1700 species preserved in the museum in 3 hours long journey through it.
  7. Eat the Patagonian cuisine which is a perfect blend of earth, sea and fire cooked deliciously altogether.
  8. Hike, or Bike or go for kayaking in Patagonia’s Lake District.
  9. Find the end of this continent at Tierra del Fuego. It acts as a boundary between America and Antarctica so its importance and beauty cannot be neglected.


Where to Stay

Patagonia is full of space to stay for you vacations where I will mention a few best of them;

  1. El Gualicho hostel, Puerto Madryn; close to the sea. If you really want to enjoy the sea view from your hotel then this is the best choice.
  2. Monte Dinero; a farm house with probably the best food offered.
  3. Territorio, Puerto Madryn; an elegant and beautiful motel that has everything that one could desire from a vacation.
  4. America del Sur hostel, El Calafate; wooden villa beautifully designed.
  5. HosteríaCanela, Esquel; not in the town thought but yet a good choice to stay in a calm area.
  6. Estancia Don José, Rio Mayo; a farm house again; simply amazing because of its versatility.

If I had to go to Patagonia for a my vacations, I would have chosen among the following three to stay but this does not mean that above mentioned are not best but these are right according to my exquisite taste.

  1. Singing Lamb, Puerto Natales; a well decorated hotel with free internet connection for everyone. It is the decoration that makes this unique from every other hotel.
  2. Hotel Nogueira, Punta Arenas; historic design and holds the honor of hosting King of Spain, though it is a very simple hotel but has huge rooms in it making it very spacy to stay.
  3. Antumalal, Pucón; historic design with beautiful crafting everywhere.

Each and every hotel or motel or even farm mentioned here meets up the life standards of a luxurious stay with lots of amenities available in lowest possible rates. So, you can chose any one of these accordingly and enjoy your vacations! Though this list is not all of it but can surely give you a proper guidance.

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