Patagonia Outdoor Clothing And Gear

For every ceremonial dress that you need, Patagonia suits you well. It caters for all your dressing needs regardless of the specification. Patagonia makes clothing that are environmentally and ethically conscious both for indoor and outdoor. Yvon Chounaird, a Californian climber, reluctant businessman and surfer, founded Patagonia in the year 1973. The company has since climbed the surf though rocky and stormy to emerge as a leading provider of regalia related to skiing, fly fishing, snowboarding, and running among other indoor and outdooractivities. These are silent sports that require the individual wearer of the regalia to fully plunge into the environment while pushing forward in pursuit of a given reward whether individual or team reward. Patagonia is a certified B Corp which means that it is committed to combat public concerns while making high returns. Cerro Fitz Roy’s skyline is the logo of Patagonia.


As part of environmental activism, the company contributes 1% of its total sales or 10% of the profit, whichever is higher, to groups that are wary of environmental conservation. Chouinard was a major player in the founding of One Percent for the Planet, a group that encourages other business entities to follow suit in conserving the environment. Other initiatives that are supported by the company include the World trout Initiative, Conservation Alliance, Environmental Internships, and the Organic Exchange.

Patagonia’s main mission is environmental conservation owing to the fact that the founder is an environmentalist. The company involves itself in initiatives that help to safeguard the endangered fish species. They do this through provision of grants to organizations that are involved in protecting the endangered fish. Patagonia started a program dubbed environmental internships in the year 1993. An employee of Patagonia is allowed to take up leave and volunteer in an environmental non-profit organization for up to 2 months. The choice of the organization to volunteer to is left at the discretion of the employee, there are restrictions whatsoever.


Moreover, Patagonia supports Organic Exchange, an organization chiefly involved in educating the population on usage of organic materials especially in clothing and industry. Since the establishment of the Organic Exchange in the year 2002, Patagonia has constantly supported it. Patagonia was one of the first companies to switch to usage of organic cotton. Nike also supports Organic Exchange. However, PETA implicated Patagonia due to the issue of sourcing wool from Australia. The criticism was mainly due to the practice of mulesing. However, since the inception of the PETA criticism, Patagonia moved its wool sourcing to South America.

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