Patagonia: Trip Of A Lifetime

Patagonia is indeed a beautiful region located in South America that captivates people with its beauty. The region is intensely stunning that offers green alpine meadows to glacier spots stretching to the farthest your eyes can see. Today, it is one of the ideal spots for many adventurers across the world. Patagonia is known for its mountain peaks, empty steppes, ice fields and the glaciers. There are some fabulous national parks that display the natural beauty and hence it is one of the popular destinations most people love to explore.


History of Patagonia

Patagonia is known for its greatest adventures with large and quite spaces that inspires and attracts travelers with its mesmerizing beauty. As far as the history goes, the first Europeans to eye on this beautiful landscape were followed by Ferdinand Magellan. He discovered the passage from the treacherous channel and is now known by his name. Tierra de los Patagones was the mainland and was named by his expedition. The Northern Patagonia is the last expanses of the world as far as wilderness is concerned. It was accessed by the Carretera Austral, which is a highway that was completed in 1988. Southern Patagonia has the wider Pampa expanses and Torres del Paine and World Biosphere Reserve are the famous wild centers in Magellan’s.

Top most attractions for tourists

Torres del Paine is indeed the ideal destination for trekking. It is famous for its large granite towers and valleys that are filled with glacier. There are several routes for trekking and it can be chosen depending on the number of days you wish to trek. There are hiking trails offered here. Los Glaciares is a national park which has Mount Fitz Roy. The landscapes of Tierra del Fuego offer a challenging platform for experienced trekkers to get involved in the wilderness. The Argentinean Lake District is another area that offers a great hiking opportunity with an unforgettable experience.



Los Glaciaresis the region with maximum glaciers when compared to the other parts of Patagonia. When you take a day trip to El Calafate, you can see the Perito Moreno Glacier. There are many trekking options for multiple days wherein you can experience the hanging glaciers. In fact, the access to this sight is only through boat. When you wish to do ice hiking, then the area is filled with glaciers if it is your primary lookout. The southernmost region of Patagonia has Tierra del Fuego that provides glimpses of magnificent glaciers when you take the adventurous cruise from the Magellan Straits. Regardless of whether you are hiking or trekking in Torres del Paine, you can explore several spots with glacier including the Glacier Grey.

If you want to explore Patagonia by road, you can do so through road trips. Thus, Patagonia is one of the major destinations that attract many tourists. If you have a fascination towards glaciers, trekking, hiking and other adventures, Patagonia is certainly the place not to be missed. It has plenty of things to explore and a trip to Patagonia is worth remembering for a lifetime.

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