Which are some of the facts about Chile that I need to know before visiting there?

Chile’s capital city is Santiago. The currency that the country operates on is Chile Peso (CLP). The official language in Chile is Spanish while the predominant religion is Roman Catholic. Once you get into country, ensure that you drive on the right.

Could you mention some of the country highlights of Chile?

There is awesome glacial mountain scenery, the Torres del Paine National Park, which is a great spot for trekking. The Easter Island is a fascinating stone statute to view. The San Pedro de Atacama is a quaint desert town near salt lakes, landscapes that resemble the moon, and geysers. Chile’s adventure capital is Pucon which is surrounded by lakes, volcanoes, and rivers. It has an enthralling port city that has an inimitable frenzied charm. This city is none other than the towering Valparaiso. The Parque Nacional lauca is comprised of vicuna, flamingoes, lakes, and volcanoes.

What is the climate of Chile?

There is significance difference between Chilean climate, the temperate South, and the desert north. The North has no rain and it has pleasant temperatures all year round, but April to October experiences some clod and fog. The South of Chile is characterized with wet and cloudy a weather that has interchanges with the far south. The antipodean summer (December to February) is the period that has the highest temperatures. Overall, the best time to visit Chile is during the drier months from November and March.

How does one connect to Chile via an aircraft?

It is important to note that there are no direct flights that operate from the United Kingdom to Chile. However, it is pretty much easy to connect through the use of OneWorld alliance carriers that operate through Miami and Madrid.

What are some of the things to do while in Chile?

There are lots of shopping malls that offer interesting products that are eye catching. Some of the malls include Alto Las Condes, Portal La Dehesa, Costanera Center, and ParqueArauco. They offer more than just shopping. The shopping malls are characterized with movie theatres, arcades, national and international restaurants, and bowling alleys. Music and dancing lovers are treated to some lovely live salsa shows and dance clubs that have live bands in Santiago. Havana Salsa is renowned for salsa live. There is a popular jazz music scene in the capital city such as Club de Jazz which is attended by music legends like Armstrong Louis and Marsalis Wynton.

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