Things To Do In Chilean Patagonia

At the southern part of Andes Mountain, keeping the flow of Colorado and Barrancas at the North, Chilean Patagonia is the paragon of natural beauty of South America. Adventurous trails, mysterious forest, adventure of horse riding, splash of white-water, different looks of mother nature and what is not there! Let’s have a look on the most engaging and memorable things you can do in Chilean Patagonia:


  • Southern Chilean Patagonia is unforgettable for its picturesque beautiful landscape. This is the highest number of tourist-attracting region of Chilean Patagonia. Amazing view of barren seascapes, the ragged spires of Torres Del Paine and maudlin westerlies- this trio is waiting to welcome you. Remote Alaska, intense Amazon and the provinces of Magallanes and Última Esperanza can be your best friend on this trip. Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine is the most tourists attracting park of this region that attracts a number of hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Let’s know about this park a little deeper:
  • Torres del Paine National Parkis at the top of the list when it comes to attract most number of foreigner visitors in Chilean Patagonia. Forests, aquamarine lakes, ships, condor all are there for your amusement. The ‘W’ route is a brilliant example of planned 4-way trail with which you will start from Laguna Amargaand will finish atvantage points. The ‘Circuit’, another amusement trail, covers the entire park. While you will need 4-5days to have the entire fun for the first way, the second one takes a little longer, approximately 10 days.


  • Porvenir was the main and most authentic place of 1800s gold rush for the Europeans. This place is a museum of different kinds of residences though, at present, the inhabitants mainly are Croatians and northern Chileans. This location is mainly in shortlist because of its water body. This is a great attraction for tourist who love fishing and camping.
  • Cape Horn,the southernmost land of Antarctica,can be the best buddy of yours if you are adventurous too like Cape Horn and wants to play with unruly wind, rocky and stormy water and chilling ice.

This place can be best voyaged in a cruise. This trip approximately needs 4days to cover up perfectly. Before starting journey, kindly be cautious about the storm and the sea-water as sometimes it get too perilous.

  • Tierra del Fuegohas always been the centre of wonder of the voyagers, travellers and scientists. The main attraction of this place is its multi-hued water body and crystal-like glaciers. A must watch of this visiting spot is Tierra del Fuego national park. The park is a marvellous collection of rare kinds of wildlife and fauna.

Here we could know about merely 5-6 places but in reality, a place like Chilean Patagonia has a much more number of visiting spots likeIsla Magdalena, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and so on. We wish you a happy and safe journey. Hoping to hear your experience!

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